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What is a Medium?

A medium is a person who can perform healing through the spiritual world, but can also make contact with the spiritual world. It is someone who can get information from the spiritual world. When someone has died, the soul no longer has a body, but it does have an energy field with which contact can be made. This is called a “medium reading”. A medium can also obtain information from the energy field of a living person. This is called “psychic reading”. Psychics are people born with a higher intuition sometimes referred to as the “sixth sense”, which they develop through learning and practice.

Who is it intended for?

There are many questions that you could ask a medium. Some people want a medium to look at themselves and give a “psychic reading”. Others want contact with a deceased loved one and a “mediumistic reading”. In the latter variant, it is the spiritual world that determines who comes through. So we cannot call someone on command. The spiritual world of course already knows who someone is coming for and will take that into account.

There are different ways to contact a psychic medium

Nowadays you can speak to a psychic medium in many more ways than only by meeting them in person.There are three major types of distance readings: email, chat, and phone.Each is a unique and different experience.  There are 24 hour psychic hotlines, which mean you can reach a psychic or medium whenever you want, wherever you want. Since you can’t see the psychic, you’ll fear less that they’re being judgmental. Is this still a bit to intimidation for you? Psychic reading chat is set up for those who want a future prediction but do not dare to talk live with a medium over the phone. After a chat conversation you can print the entire conversation so that you can read everything again.

Remember, a psychic reading is a special and unique experience no matter how you go about it.