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Unwanted Hair Removal: No Pain, No Gain

With the range of laser hair removal options available now, it makes sense to do your homework before investing your money, time, and let’s be frank about this, a little bit of pain, to achieve a smooth end result. But if the pay-off is all the hassle saved from no more shaving, tweezing, waxing or bleaching, what could be better?

Safe removal at reputable beautysalons

Choosing from the variety of laser hair removal treatments on the market is not that straightforward, so get your research in first. If you are new to laser hair removal then it’s probably best to place yourself in the hands of a reputable beauty salon. There really is no substitute for a consultation with a professional dermatologist who can give you the best advice about what you can expect to achieve and how much a full course of treatment will cost. Don’t forget that hairs grow at different rates, so you will need to visit the salon a number of times over a period of months and that needs to be factored in to your budget. There are additional considerations such as avoiding the sun before and after a treatment and avoiding the use of certain facial products like glycolic acid and retinol.


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Laser hair removal devices

Bear in mind there are also home hair removal devices that are available, ranging in cost from just over a hundred to nearly five hundred pounds. This option might be cheaper for you than a salon, but it’s recommended to take the salon route initially. If you do go for home devices make sure that the device is suitable for your type of hair and skin before parting with your cash. Also be clear whether it’s actually a laser hair removal machine you are buying and not an intense pulsed light or IPL device. They work slightly differently: a laser device shoots a single light beam directly into the hair follicle down the pigment of the hair shaft and the heat of the light damages the follicle equalling no more hair growth. Hurray! The IPL process doesn’t damage the follicle like a laser but reduces hair growth over time so repeat treatments will be needed for the regrowth. 

Whatever you opt for, be prepared for a little bit of discomfort for about 20 minutes during the treatment but remember that it will be worth it in the long run.