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10 most important tips from Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks

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We read the book by Howard Schultz, one of the most influential people on the planet and CEO of the Starbucs coffee company, “How Starbucs Was Built Cup by Cup.” Highlighted 10 powerful thoughts about life, business and success. We read and get motivated!

Failure can come unexpectedly. But luck comes only to those who plan it.

Credit is not the best way to finance a company. You have a huge debt and it ties your hands for the company to develop. Investment is much better. Less stress and more freedom of action.

The ingredients for success are luck and luck. But many of us have to create opportunities ourselves and not yawn when the chance presents itself.

No one has ever achieved anything by listening to those who say no. And very few have succeeded in proven areas. Take risks and you will succeed.

The key to success is in the hands of the people you hire. Infect them with the belief that together you can do great things.

Modest dreams are not for me. I dream big. Dreaming of something small, you will never succeed in something big.

Once you figure out what you want to take, find someone who has done it before. If they are successful themselves, they can help you do the same.

Whether I’m hiring an important executive, choosing an investment banker, or evaluating a joint venture partner, I’m looking for the same qualities that many look for when choosing a life partner: honesty and passion.

Advertising can help build a brand, but only if there is authenticity, trust in an audience that feels the passion and love of the founders.

If your sales are falling, and before that in the same seasons they were at their height, perhaps the reason is not in you, but in external economic factors. Please be patient. Look for ways to improve your performance

“If we consider a butterfly from the point of view of the laws of aerodynamics, it should not fly. But she doesn’t know about it, that’s why she flies. “ Go for it and you will succeed!

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